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SCCM: PXE-T01: File not found and PXE:E3B: TFTP Error- File not found Errors

by on Feb.26, 2008, under Microsoft, SCCM/SMS2003

I’ve been testing SCCM since November and 4 times I’ve ran into the following problem. While trying to PXE boot the new machine I receive the following errors

PXE-T01: File not found
PXE-E3B: TFTP Error – File Not Found

I don’t know what happens and how to reproduce the error but it happened to me 4 times. 2 times I’ve ended rebuilding the whole SCCM installation.
When it happened the third time I found a solution on MS SCCM Technet forums:
(continue reading…)

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HP: Upgrading HP Lights-Out(iLO) firmware on multiple servers

by on Feb.25, 2008, under HP

If you ever need to upgrade Lights-Out(iLO) firmware on all servers in your organization then look for tool called HP Lights-Out Directories Migration Utility. This tool is a part of hp Directories Support tool. It is difficult to find it on HP web-pages so you can download it from here. This is version 2.01 (sp31581.exe)
The Directories Migration utility can do more than upgrade firmware. It is used to integrate iLO into Active Directory and use AD groups for authentication. Also it can configure iLO settings.

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VMware: Comparison of Storage Protocols by VMware

by on Feb.18, 2008, under Storage, VMware

VMware publishes Comparison of Storage Protocols white paper. There you will find comparison between NFS, Software iSCSI, Hardware iSCSI and Fibre Channel.
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HP: Host is unnamed in ILO

by on Feb.17, 2008, under HP

I am using HP Integrated lights out(ILO) management a lot to managed Proliant servers. It always worked fine, but only with Windows OS. If I was trying to connect to servers ILO that is running Unix/Linux/VMware I was not seeing the server name. The ILO page was displaying ‘host is unnamed’.

Finaly I’ve found what was missing.
I have no problems pinging the host by its name. But when I’ve tried to resolve the name from IP, I found the problem. The name was not resolved and that was pointing that there is no PTR record. After creating the PTR record the name also started appearing in ILO. The same problem also effects HP System Insight Manager(SIM).
Note: The name will not appear instantly after you create PTR record.

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HP: New version of HP Systems Insight Manager 5.2 (SIM 5.2) is available

by on Feb.15, 2008, under HP

New version of HP Systems Insight Manager 5.2 (SIM 5.2) is available for download.

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Evaluating StoreVault S500

by on Feb.14, 2008, under Storage

This week I had a chance to evaluate StoreVault S500.
I’ve never used or seen such a device before as I mainly dealt with HP storage devices, so I had no idea what to expect. The reason for evaluation is to see would it suit our VMware ESX environment. The unit came fully populated with 12 500GB disk that is 6TB of storage. (continue reading…)

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Vista: First impression of Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

by on Feb.13, 2008, under Microsoft

It’s been a week now since I am running Service Pack 1 on Vista. I have not tested betas or RCs so I didn’t knew what to expect and here is my experience so far.

The firs attempt to install was not successful after 1.5hours I got e message saying that install was unsuccessful and reverting back changes. Unfortunately that did not worked and after reboot my laptop blue screened. (continue reading…)

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