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UCS: Using Cisco UCS Emulator

28 Aug

Cisco Unified Computing System(UCS) is quite new compared to well know server providers like HP, Dell, IBM but during a short period of time it achieved quite a lot.
For anyone who wants to see what UCS is or just simply try out, Cisco has released UCS Emulator.
UCS emulator is pretty powerful tool it allows users to emulate UCS environment. So you can add your chassis, servers, CPUs, RAM, PSUs etc. The other interesting feature is that it allows to import hardware configuration from a live environment. It cannot import everything but is pretty close.
This post will show you how setup and use UCS emulator.
Before you start you’ll need to download UCS emulator also you need to install VMware Player or Workstation on your computer. download 7z file (you’ll need Cisco login to download it, just register). The emulator requires 1GB of RAM dedicated to the VM so make sure you have enough memory. (again you need to login to download)

Extract the files from 7z archive to a new folder.
Install VMware player/Workstation this will require a reboot.

This blog is not dead…

18 Aug

Hi everyone,
It’s been a while since I posted here and this was mainly because of two reason. First I was on holidays and second I’ve changed my job. So I loads of things going on and simply had not time to look after blog.
This should change in the coming weeks as I will start bloging again. As my job roles has changed the things that I write about will also change, mainly because I’ve moved from Microsoft products to cloud computing. So expect more posts about virtualization.

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