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UCS: Chassis Decommission is stuck

27 Dec

After trying to decommission chassis the task never finishes. It gets stuck at Erasing chassis identity task:

FSM is stuck at 8% with error 403, Error Leaving fabric port-channel for port 1/16 (the port can be different)

Trying to Acknowledge or Remove Chassis is not successful.
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UCS: Running UCS Server Configuration Utility (SCU) Diagnostic on C series servers

18 Dec

UCS Server Configuration Utility (SCU) allows user to configure the server and also run diagnostics tests.

Do the following to run SCU diagnostics tests:

1. Download SCU from
2. Login to CIMC of the server and map the SCU ISO image
3. Restart the server and wait until it boots to SCU
4. Accept the License Agreement
5. In SCU expand Diagnostic Tools, select Quick Tasks and choose the test you want to run Quick or Comprehensive.
6. Confirm
7. You can see the status of the tests under Tests Summary and the results under Test log Summary.
8. Once finished click on Reboot button

UCS: After firmware upgrade B230 M1 blade is failing discovery at 4%

15 Dec

After upgrading B230 M1 blade it gets stuck in discovery at 4% and is showing following errors:

no connection to MC endpoint

Error retrieving Server Params-MC Error(-6): Connection is closing


No DIMMs present


The errors can be rotating but it is stuck at 4%.

1. Check Firmware versions and see if all are as expected.

2. Reset CIMC and after this is done Reacknowledge the server.
3. Check the firmware versions of the blade again. The Running Board Controller version is set to 00000000

4. Activate the Board Controller with correct version and wait until activation is finished.

5. Reacknowledge the server

UCSPE 2.2(1bPE1) is out

15 Dec

UCSPE 2.2(1bPE1) is out. Get it here.

UCS: Blade is stuck in EFI Shell, service profile association stuck

11 Dec

After associating service profile to a blade it gets stuck in EFI Shell and association can not complete.
The KVM is showing EFI Shell

FSM status is stuck on Configure Apply Config

The problem could be because the service profile does not have all the required configuration. Have a look at Status under General tab to see what is the error.

In this case there were no MACs or WWPNs defined. CNA cards must have these defined as they do not have them burned in.


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