Vista: First impression of Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

13 Feb

It’s been a week now since I am running Service Pack 1 on Vista. I have not tested betas or RCs so I didn’t knew what to expect and here is my experience so far.

The firs attempt to install was not successful after 1.5hours I got e message saying that install was unsuccessful and reverting back changes. Unfortunately that did not worked and after reboot my laptop blue screened. So the next thing I’ve tried is to boot from Vista DVD and try to repair it. I’ve chosen Startup Repair that did not worked also. Because I was having problems with my laptop before, I decided not to waste any time, but rebuild it. During reinstall process it found the existing OS and moved all related folders to Windows.old So after install was competed I was able to get my data back. I tried to run SP1 setup again and this time it worked fine. Although again it took 1.5 hours and this is on clean install with Dual Core CPU and 4GB of RAM.

At first it includes crtical updates and fixes.
The first thing I’ve noticed that my laptop is booting faster. It is not huge difference but anyone should see that.
Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) has changed and now it does not prompt you for user detail before login into the remote PC.

I was using my laptop day to day work and it have not crashed or hanged yet. Also I was able to install and use all the application that I’ve used in Vista without SP1 and that is a very good thing 🙂

That’s it so far. I’ll will update this if I find something else.

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