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HP: Upgrading HP Lights-Out(iLO) firmware on multiple servers

25 Feb

If you ever need to upgrade Lights-Out(iLO) firmware on all servers in your organization then look for tool called HP Lights-Out Directories Migration Utility. This tool is a part of hp Directories Support tool. It is difficult to find it on HP web-pages so you can download it from here. This is version 2.01 (sp31581.exe)
The Directories Migration utility can do more than upgrade firmware. It is used to integrate iLO into Active Directory and use AD groups for authentication. Also it can configure iLO settings.

Good article on assigning FSMO roles

28 Jan

For those who want a simple explanation on what do FSMO roles do and what are the best practices for assigning them, should read the following article.

Best Practices for Assigning FSMO Roles

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