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Cannot start Exchange 2007 console using Administrator account

29 Apr

On the Exchange 2007 server you are logged on as the Administrator. When you start the Exchange 2007 console you receive Microsoft Exchange Error as displayed bellow:

Try to login as different user on the server an start Exchange 2007 console. If that works go to User profiles and delete local administrator profile. Logout and login as administrator this will create the administrator profile and the Exchange 2007 console should start normally.

Cannot Authorize DHCP server in the Domain (Event 1046)

29 Apr

Here is a problem that had to fix yesterday.
When trying to authorize DHCP server, it authorizes but the red cross does not disappear and the server does not provide any IPs to the clients. Although DHCP console on the server and DHCP console on the domain is showing that the server is authorised. Only  when you restart DHCP service on the server, in the system event log you receive Error with Event ID 1046 (more…)


22 Apr

Finally XP SP3 was released to manufacturing. (Read more…)

System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 Evaluation Edition available for download

18 Apr

System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 Evaluation Edition available for download

SCCM: Failed to Run Task Sequence

18 Apr

Here are couple steps to diagnose the “Failed to Run Task Sequence” error.
The hole error looks like this:
The task sequence cannot be run because a package referenced by the task sequence cannot be found. For more information please, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.

Basically this error means that the problem is with distribution of the package.
It looks straight forward process if you have one or two packages in a task sequence. But can be a problem if the task sequence has many packages. The best way to find out which package or packages are causing the problem is to use the task sequence log Smsts.log. (more…)

SCCM: How to change or modify Boot image background picture for OSD

10 Apr

Before you start changing the background image you have to decide ore going to completely change it or do you want to modify existing. I will describe how to modify existing one. (If you need to change it completely then go to the step where it says “Go back to Configuration Manager Console”)

Open Configuration Manager Console
Go to System Center Configuration Manager>Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment>Boot Images
You should see two images there x64 and x86 (You will need to change the image for both) (more…)

SCCM logs explained

02 Apr

If you are using SCCM you’ll know that it logs everything in the log files. They are very useful for troubleshooting SCCM problems. The problem I find with log files is that there are so many of them and they are in different places that sometimes it is difficult to find the right log file.
The other day I’ve found a very good article on log files which tells me where the log file is and what it does.

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