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WSUS 3.0 Service Pack 1 released

08 Feb

WSUS 3.0 Service Pack 1(SP1) was released yesterday. You can download it from here.

Vista: svchost.exe (LocalSystemNetworkRestricted) always using 40-50% CPU

07 Feb

I’ve been using Vista for couple months now. It took me a while to make it run all or should I say most of my applications, but this time I got performace problem. I’m using laptop with 4GB of¬†RAM and dual Core CPU. I’ve noticed that the performance is degraded and CPU fan turns on every often. In the task manager I see that CPU usage is always 50% even when the laptop is freshly rebooted and does not do anything. (more…)

HP: HP Introduces MSA2000

07 Feb

HP today introduced a new family of entry-level disk arrays with enterprise-class features that can help customers more effectively centralize storage to lower costs, increase administrator efficiency and reduce business downtime. (Read more)
Technical details of StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 2000 (MSA2000)

MOSS: Microsoft SharePoint Capacity Planning Tool Released

07 Feb

Good tool to use before you start deploying MOSS. (Read more)

Server 2008: Editions of Server 2008 Explained

06 Feb

Good post for understanding the diferences between Server 2008 editions.

Server 2008: Windows Server 2008 RTMs

04 Feb

Windows Server 2008 released to manufacturers today.
(Read more)

Vista: Announcing the RTM of Windows Vista SP1

04 Feb

HP: Negative pings ???

01 Feb

I’ve ran into interesting problem today wile configuring HP SIM. I found out that the network is not stable. So I started troubleshooting by pinging servers and this is what I’ve got.
negative ping
I have negative pings, which does not make sense. So the first thing that popped to my mind was firmware. After upgrading NIC firmware the problem disappeared.

The server is HP Proliant BL25p G2 and NIC is Broadcom NC737i

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