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SQL: Best way to deploy SQL Server 2005 with SAN

28 Jan

If it is a first time you are deploying the SQL Server 2005 on a SAN, then there are few things you need to be considered that will be raised by installations that are either deploying SQL Server for the first time or are upgrading to SAN from direct attach storage.(Read more on

SQL: SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer

28 Jan

It’s a new year and, with it, we come bearing gifts!  We have a pretty significant update to SQL Server 2005 Best Practices Analyzer.  It contains many new and updated rules for Analysis Services, a few important rules for the Relational Engine, a couple bug fixes for the UI and command line tools.  And all of these rules have rich documentation telling you what need to know.(Read more on Microsoft SQL Server Development Customer Advisory Team Blog)

Good article on assigning FSMO roles

28 Jan

For those who want a simple explanation on what do FSMO roles do and what are the best practices for assigning them, should read the following article.

Best Practices for Assigning FSMO Roles

Vista: The color scheme has been changed to Vista basic

25 Jan

Here is one annoying thing that I’ve ran into while using Vista on 2 screens. Every time I lock my laptop and unlock by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. The screen flickers and the message pops up saying:
“The color scheme has been changed to vista basic” (more…)

SCCM: How To Add Operating Sytem Image

22 Jan

After Operating System  Image was created as shown in here.
Here are the steps you need to complete in order to add the OS image to SCCM. 

Open Configuration Manager Console
Go to System Center Configuration Manager>Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment
Right click on Operating System Images and select Add Operating System Image (more…)

Vista: Microsoft will allow Vista to be Virtualized

22 Jan

Microsoft has decided to allow all versions of Windows Vista to be licensed for use in a virtual environment.
Read more here.

A new version of the Windows Update Agent is available

21 Jan

A new version of the Windows Update Agent is available
Or use Microsoft Update

SCCM: How to capture image

21 Jan

Here are the steps for image capture with SCCM:

  1. First you have to make a Capture Media as described in here.
  2. Remove PC from the domain
  3. Create a folder called sysprep in boot partition (more…)

HP: Remotely change BIOS settings with script

18 Jan

Couple months ago I needed to change BIOS setting on all our HP laptops. I wanted to do that remotely because we have many laptops and they are in 5 different locations. After spending some time searching I found very good document from HP.
HP Client Management Interface Technical White Paper (more…)

SCCM: How to create Capture media(CD)

18 Jan

Here are the steps to create an ISO image file for capture media.

  1. Start Configuration Manager console
    Go to Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment
    Right Click on Task Sequences and select Create Task Sequence Media (more…)

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