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UCS: waiting for flogi

by on Dec.04, 2012, under Cisco, Storage, UCS

Here is one very common error that you can see in  UCS Manager. I’ve observed it in multiple UCS firmware versions and all times it was cosmetic and had no impact.

On the blade you’ll see a major error similar to this:
Description: fc VIF 6 /R A-1095 down, reason: waiting for flogi
Cause: link-down
Code: F0283 

If you go to VIF paths on the blade you’ll see  error ‘waiting for flogi’ on vHBA that has the problem.

Now as I mentioned already this is most likely cosmetic issue. So first you need to verify that this is really the case. (continue reading…)

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VMware: Comparison of Storage Protocols by VMware

by on Feb.18, 2008, under Storage, VMware

VMware publishes Comparison of Storage Protocols white paper. There you will find comparison between NFS, Software iSCSI, Hardware iSCSI and Fibre Channel.
(Read More)

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Evaluating StoreVault S500

by on Feb.14, 2008, under Storage

This week I had a chance to evaluate StoreVault S500.
I’ve never used or seen such a device before as I mainly dealt with HP storage devices, so I had no idea what to expect. The reason for evaluation is to see would it suit our VMware ESX environment. The unit came fully populated with 12 500GB disk that is 6TB of storage. (continue reading…)

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HP: HP Introduces MSA2000

by on Feb.07, 2008, under HP, Storage

HP today introduced a new family of entry-level disk arrays with enterprise-class features that can help customers more effectively centralize storage to lower costs, increase administrator efficiency and reduce business downtime. (Read more)
Technical details of StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 2000 (MSA2000)

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