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Vista: svchost.exe (LocalSystemNetworkRestricted) always using 40-50% CPU

07 Feb

I’ve been using Vista for couple months now. It took me a while to make it run all or should I say most of my applications, but this time I got performace problem. I’m using laptop with 4GB of RAM and dual Core CPU. I’ve noticed that the performance is degraded and CPU fan turns on every often. In the task manager I see that CPU usage is always 50% even when the laptop is freshly rebooted and does not do anything. (more…)

Vista: Announcing the RTM of Windows Vista SP1

04 Feb

Vista: The color scheme has been changed to Vista basic

25 Jan

Here is one annoying thing that I’ve ran into while using Vista on 2 screens. Every time I lock my laptop and unlock by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. The screen flickers and the message pops up saying:
“The color scheme has been changed to vista basic” (more…)

Vista: Microsoft will allow Vista to be Virtualized

22 Jan

Microsoft has decided to allow all versions of Windows Vista to be licensed for use in a virtual environment.
Read more here.

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