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SCCM: How to Import Drivers, create driver packages and add them to WinPE boot images

10 Jul

First do the following:
a. Download and extract the drivers to a network share
b. Create a network share that will be used for drivers storage.(I’ve created this on one of the SCCM servers)

Once you have the thing above you can Open Configuration Manager Console
1. Go to Computer Management>Operating Systems Deployment>Drivers
2. Now you can right click on Drivers and choose import but I would recommend first to create some kind of folder structure(like model\device) as this will make things easier in the future. Once you have folders created right click on it and select Import.

SCCM: How to Create Task Sequence for OSD

20 Mar

In order to create OSD Task Sequence you need to have you image created and added to SCCM. Below are the links how to do that:
How to capture OS image
How to add OS image

Also you must have SCCM client package ready:
How to create SCCM client Package and Program for OSD (more…)

SCCM: How to create Capture media(CD)

18 Jan

Here are the steps to create an ISO image file for capture media.

  1. Start Configuration Manager console
    Go to Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment
    Right Click on Task Sequences and select Create Task Sequence Media (more…)

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