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UCS: Blade is stuck in EFI Shell, service profile association stuck

11 Dec

After associating service profile to a blade it gets stuck in EFI Shell and association can not complete.
The KVM is showing EFI Shell

FSM status is stuck on Configure Apply Config

The problem could be because the service profile does not have all the required configuration. Have a look at Status under General tab to see what is the error.

In this case there were no MACs or WWPNs defined. CNA cards must have these defined as they do not have them burned in.


UCS: Renaming service profile in Cisco UCS 2.1

13 Jun

Starting from UCS version 2.1 there is an option to rename service-profiles and templates in UCS. If you’re running 2.0 or lower then the only way to rename is to clone service profile make some changes and delete the original, you can read about this here.

Rename service profile in UCSM GUI

  1. Start UCSM and select Servers tab.
  2. Change filter to Service Profiles or All so that service profiles are visible
  3. Right click on the service profile you want to rename ans choose Rename Service Profile
  4. Enter new name and click OK
  5. You’ll get a dialog box that the profile was renamed. Click OK

Rename service profile in CLI

  1. Use SSH client to connect to UCS CLI
  2. You have to know where the service profile you want to rename is located. In my case it is in the root. Type:
    scope org /
    ‘/’ is a location of service profile. If it is in sub-organization then you have to provide then name for it
  3. To select service profile type:
    scope service-profile name
    ‘name’ is a name of the service profile you selecting
  4. to rename type:
    rename-to newname
    ‘newname’ is the name you renaming profile to
  5. you will be asked to confirm. Type ‘yes’
  6. to commit changes type

UCS: How to move or rename service profile in Cisco UCS

13 Jun

So UCS version 2.1 has added feature to rename service profile but what to do if you are running 2.0 or if you need to move service profile to different sub-organization?
Here are the steps you need to perform.
Before performing rename/move you’ll need to schedule maintenance window as during the procedure the blade will go down.

  1. Open UCSM GUI and select Servers tab
  2. Change Filter to Service Profiles or All so that service profiles are visible
    From this point all actions are performed on the original service profile(the one you want to rename/move)
  3. Right click on the service profile you want to rename/move and select Create a Clone
  4. Enter the new name that you want to rename service profile to or if you are moving then enter the same name and change organization. Click OK. A clone should be created.


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