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HP Proliant dl160 G6 blank screen (hanging) after restart

29 Apr

Here is an interesting issue that I’ve came across while deploying a bunch of HP Proliant DL160 G6 servers.
You restart the server and the it would hang with blank screen, the fans would be running at full speed.  To make the server boot you have to remove the power to the server and plug it bak again. This is a known issue and it was can be fixed by updating the Bios firmware of the server to Version: 2011.01.25 (B). 
Resolved an issue where the system will occassionally hang early in POST with the fans at max speed with the 12LFF hard disk backplane installed.

Get it from here: DL160 G6 Bios Firmware

Planning and configuration of iLO

08 Feb

Here is a handy document from HP regarding iLO configurations.
Planning and configuration recommendations for Integrated Lights-Out processors
The document cover such things as what are the best practices for deploying iLO in the organization, how to configure iLO and what tools you can use(some scripting examples included), what firewall ports should be opened for iLO to work and some other useful information.

No UUID or Serial number on HP server

23 Jan

Here is interesting that happened while I was trying to image the HP server.
I could  not understand why the server would not appear in HP RDP the server is perfectly functioning but HP RDP just would not show it and therefor I could not image it.
When I’ve logged into ILO I’ve noticed that there were not Serial and Product numbers. Also UUID was all zeros.


Smart Array stuck on Initializing

30 Nov

Last week after rebooting one of the servers was not coming up.
After connecting to it using iLO I’ve found it stuck on boot screen. It was saying Smart Array initializing. This initializing process should take a second and it should find or not find any logical drives and move to the next step.
The problem was fixed by replacing the Cache memory in Smart Array controller. The server would experience exactly the same problem if you try to boot the server without the cache. Well at leas that is the case on BL25 G2 with E200 Smart Array controller.

Network Node Manager (NNM) authetication using Active directory

07 Oct

HP monitoring software like Sitescope, BAC, SIM, NNM etc. are using build in authentication. This is fine but that means that you have to remember many different passwords and logins. The other thing is that many companies have password policies and these policies must apply to all systems. So the obvious thing to do, would be to use one login provider. For this reason many use  Active Directory. In HP SIM configuring authentication through Active Directory is very simple using GUI. Unfortunately in Network Node Manager (NNM) it is not that simple. The information is provided in Deployment Reference document but it is not very clear.

In this post I’ll show you what works for me. (more…)

HP: Remotely change Bios password with a script

24 Sep

Many people were looking how to change the Bios password remotely. Please read my previous post about the Bios settings. To set Bios password you will need Key scan codes the information about them is also given in my previous post. (more…)

HP introduces new Proliant BL260c G5 and DL120 G5 servers for Midsize Businesses

31 Mar

HP introduces new Proliant BL260c G5 and DL120 G5 srvers for Midsize Businesses. Read more…

And here are the specs:
BL260c G5
DL120 G5

HP announced ProLiant iVirtualization

25 Mar

HP today announced technologies that integrate virtualization capabilities into the HP ProLiant server platform, allowing customers to rapidly and simply virtualize their server environments.

Called HP ProLiant iVirtualization, these technologies allow businesses of all sizes to lower costs, improve productivity and better allocate resources across their server infrastructures.

HP has joined with the industry’s largest virtualization vendors – VMware, Citrix and Microsoft – to develop these technologies, which integrate virtualization with a broad range of HP ProLiant and BladeSystem platforms. Read more…

HP launches 8 socket Quad core beast DL785 G5

18 Mar

The HP ProLiant DL785 G5, the newest and most expandable additon to the award winning HP ProLiant line, is an 8-socket x86 server, supporting up to 8 AMD Opteron Quad Core processors, 256GB of memory and 11 PCI-e I/O slots. Read more…

VMware and HP Announce Agreement to Embed VMware ESX 3i on HP ProLiant Servers

04 Mar

VMware and HP Announce Agreement to Embed VMware ESX 3i on HP ProLiant Servers

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