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UCS: waiting for flogi

04 Dec

Here is one very common error that you can see in  UCS Manager. I’ve observed it in multiple UCS firmware versions and all times it was cosmetic and had no impact.

On the blade you’ll see a major error similar to this:
Description: fc VIF 6 /R A-1095 down, reason: waiting for flogi
Cause: link-down
Code: F0283 

If you go to VIF paths on the blade you’ll see  error ‘waiting for flogi’ on vHBA that has the problem.

Now as I mentioned already this is most likely cosmetic issue. So first you need to verify that this is really the case. (more…)

UCS: Warning: there are pending SEEPROM errors on one or more devices, failover may not complete

03 Dec

In UCS CLI after issuing command ‘show cluster state‘ a warning is received on one of the chassis.

UCS-B # show cluster state
Cluster Id: 0xf122a7f83dba11e0-0x9a4c123573c4f1c4


Detailed state of the device selected for HA storage:
Chassis 1, serial: FOX1234567A, state: active
Chassis 2, serial: FOX1234567B, state: active
Chassis 5, serial: FOX1234567C, state: active with errors

Fabric B, chassis-seeprom local IO failure:
FOX1234567C READ_FAILED, error: TIMEOUT, error code: 10, error count: 7
Warning: there are pending SEEPROM errors on one or more devices, failover may not complete

In sam_techsupportinfo  log you’ll see the following message
Creation Time: 2012-10-12T01:12:21.217
ID: 2712562
Description: device FOX1234567C, error accessing shared-storage
Affected Object: sys/mgmt-entity-B
Trigger: Oper
User: internal
Cause: Device Shared Storage Io Error
Code: E4196537

This is known Cisco Bug CSCtu17144 and here is what needs to be done

If the fault condition stays on or keeps being cleared and re-raised, try the following workarounds:
1. Reboot the IO module.
2. Remove and re-seat the IO module. Make sure the module is in contact with the backplane firmly.

I’ve had this problem couple times and resetting IO module was enough in both cases

UCS: configuration-failed; Code: F0170; connection-placement; There are not enough resources overall

02 Dec

Here is an interesting issue that I ran into with Cisco UCS blade.
I needed to move service profile from one blade to another. This is a process that should not give any problems but it did. Dissociation worked fine, but when I tried to associate the same profile with diferent blade I ran into problems.

The first thing I noticed is Config Failure error in Status:

The Configuration error was:
There are not enough resources overall

Not enough vHBAs available
Not enough cNICs available (more…)

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