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UCS: LDAP nested groups are not working with UCS Manager

19 Jun

So you have your LDAP autentication configured in Cisco UCS manager.
You map group in UCS to LDAP group and add user to this LDAP group
Try to login with this user account to UCSM. Everything is working as expected.
You remove the user from LDAP group add it to another LDAP group and add this Group to LDAP group that is mapped to UCS group(in other words you nest groups).
When trying to login again, authentication fails.

This is a known behaviour of UCS and is explained in more detail under bug id CSCtt44185. With UCS, nested groups should not be used, each group in LDAP must be mapped to a group in UCS.

UCS: UCS Manager not accessible, (SWITCHOVER IN PROGRESS) (mgmt services state: INVALID) (HA NOT READY)

14 Jun

UCSM is not accessible when login into UCS cli and running show cluster extended-state command you receive the following:

ucs01-B# show cluster extended-state
Cluster Id: 0xe123456789123456-0xac12345678987456

Start time: Mon Apr 8 00:00:16 2013
Last election time: Tue Apr 22 18:50:00 2013


B: memb state UP, lead state SUBORDINATE, mgmt services state: INVALID
A: memb state UP, lead state PRIMARY, mgmt services state: INVALID
heartbeat state PRIMARY_OK

eth1, UP
eth2, UP

Management services: switchover in progress on local Fabric Interconnect
Detailed state of the device selected for HA storage:
Chassis 1, serial: FOX12345678, state: active
Chassis 2, serial: FOX12345678, state: active

As we can see from the error the switchover is in progress but management services are not running on any of the FI’s so switchover cannot complete and this is the reason why you cannot access UCS Manager.
The blades running on this UCS infrastructure are not affected and should be running fine.

To fix the problem you need to reboot both Fabric Interconnects, one Fabric Interconnect at a time.

  1. SSH to one of the Fabric Interconnects and type:
    connect local-mgmt
  2. Wait until the fabric interconnect reboots it can take 20-30 minutes.
  3. Once it rebooted you should be able to open UCSM
  4. In UCSM verify that the fabric that was rebooted has fully came up
  5. SSH to the second Fabric Interconnect and reboot it
  6. After Fabric Interconnect is up, SSH to UCSM IP and run:
    show cluster extended-state
  7. Verify that the cluster is in good state.

UCS: After installing or replacing DIMMs shown as disabled in UCS Manager(invalid FRU)

29 Nov

Here is a problem that you can see when replacing or installing new DIMMs in UCS Blades.
Although the blade will boot but the newly installed DIMMs might show as disabled with invalid FRU error:
Error codes F0844 and F0502 are logged:

When you check inventory of the blade and go into Memoery you’ll see that Capacity and Clock are Unspecified.

scope server x/y  (where x is your chassis id and y is server id of the server that is having problems.)
show memory  (this list memory information of the blade)
Server 1/1:
Array 1:
DIMM Location Presence Overall Status Type Capacity (MB) Clock

—- ———- —————- ———————— ———— ————- —– (more…)

UCS: How to update Capability Catalog in UCS Manager

09 Nov

Here is a guide how to update the Capability Catalog in UCS Manager. Capability Catalog is updated every time you upgrade UCS firmware but you might need to update it separately when a new hardware is added to UCS infrastructure and upgrading the whole UCS is not possible.

1. Login into UCS manager
2. Select Admin tab and change the Filter to Capability Catalog

3. Verify the version of Capability Catalog that is currently installed


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