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UCS: LDAP nested groups are not working with UCS Manager

19 Jun

So you have your LDAP autentication configured in Cisco UCS manager.
You map group in UCS to LDAP group and add user to this LDAP group
Try to login with this user account to UCSM. Everything is working as expected.
You remove the user from LDAP group add it to another LDAP group and add this Group to LDAP group that is mapped to UCS group(in other words you nest groups).
When trying to login again, authentication fails.

This is a known behaviour of UCS and is explained in more detail under bug id CSCtt44185. With UCS, nested groups should not be used, each group in LDAP must be mapped to a group in UCS.

Network Node Manager (NNM) authetication using Active directory

07 Oct

HP monitoring software like Sitescope, BAC, SIM, NNM etc. are using build in authentication. This is fine but that means that you have to remember many different passwords and logins. The other thing is that many companies have password policies and these policies must apply to all systems. So the obvious thing to do, would be to use one login provider. For this reason many useĀ  Active Directory. In HP SIM configuring authentication through Active Directory is very simple using GUI. Unfortunately in Network Node Manager (NNM) it is not that simple. The information is provided in Deployment Reference document but it is not very clear.

In this post I’ll show you what works for me. (more…)

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