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SCCM: How to Create Stand-alone media

23 Jun

First off all why would you need a Stand-alone media? The answer is simple this would be the only fast way to image remote or local PC that does not have connection to the network.
Basically Stand-alone media puts the OS image and the software packages onto CD, DVD or USB stick. The only thing that you need then is just to send the media to user. The user inserts CD, DVD or USB stick into computer and in 10-30 minutes computer is ready. (Well that should work in theory 🙂 ) (more…)

SCCM: Failed to Run Task Sequence

18 Apr

Here are couple steps to diagnose the “Failed to Run Task Sequence” error.
The hole error looks like this:
The task sequence cannot be run because a package referenced by the task sequence cannot be found. For more information please, contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.

Basically this error means that the problem is with distribution of the package.
It looks straight forward process if you have one or two packages in a task sequence. But can be a problem if the task sequence has many packages. The best way to find out which package or packages are causing the problem is to use the task sequence log Smsts.log. (more…)

SCCM: How to Create Task Sequence for OSD

20 Mar

In order to create OSD Task Sequence you need to have you image created and added to SCCM. Below are the links how to do that:
How to capture OS image
How to add OS image

Also you must have SCCM client package ready:
How to create SCCM client Package and Program for OSD (more…)

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