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HP: Remotely change Bios password with a script

by on Sep.24, 2008, under HP

Many people were looking how to change the Bios password remotely. Please read my previous post about the Bios settings. To set Bios¬†password you will need Key scan codes the information about them is also given in my previous post. (continue reading…)

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SCCM: How to change or modify Boot image background picture for OSD

by on Apr.10, 2008, under Microsoft, SCCM/SMS2003

Before you start changing the background image you have to decide ore going to completely change it or do you want to modify existing. I will describe how to modify existing one. (If you need to change it completely then go to the step where it says “Go back to Configuration Manager Console”)

Open Configuration Manager Console
Go to System Center Configuration Manager>Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment>Boot Images
You should see two images there x64 and x86 (You will need to change the image for both) (continue reading…)

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HP: Remotely change BIOS settings with script

by on Jan.18, 2008, under HP, Microsoft

Couple months ago I needed to change BIOS setting on all our HP laptops. I wanted to do that remotely because we have many laptops and they are in 5 different locations. After spending some time searching I found very good document from HP.
HP Client Management Interface Technical White Paper (continue reading…)

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