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It’s been a while…

28 Sep

OK… its been a while since I’ve posted in here. Hopefully I’ll get this ball rolling again(fingers crossed).

SCCM: Adding deleted Boot image

08 Feb

So lets say you’ve accidentally delete one or both Boot images from OSD in Configuration manager console and want to add them back.
When you delete the image in the console the default image file is still located on the SCCM server.

So here are the steps to add Boot image back:

1. Open Configuration manager console. Navigate to Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment>Boot images. Click on Add Boot Image
Add Boot Image Package Wizard will start

New Year = New Face

12 Jan

Hi everyone,
it has been a while since I last posted but I hope to start this ball rolling once again.
As you can see the face of the blog has changed a bit and I’m still tweaking it out and trying to get used to it.

Now looking back  at 2008 there were 75 posts posted and they have received 130 comments. Also according to Clustermaps 27000 user have visited this blog which is way more then I have expected. My goal is to write more posts this year…

I have been playing arround with many diferent project and will start posting my findings in here soon…

I am back

27 Aug

Hi everyone,
As you can see my last post was almost a month ago and the reason for that was holidays. I will try to answer all the questions within next week.

InstallShield switches

26 Feb

Couple good articles on how to use InstallShield switches and what they mean

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