HP Proliant dl160 G6 blank screen (hanging) after restart

29 Apr

Here is an interesting issue that I’ve came across while deploying a bunch of HP Proliant DL160 G6 servers.
You restart the server and the it would hang with blank screen, the fans would be running at full speed.  To make the server boot you have to remove the power to the server and plug it bak again. This is a known issue and it was can be fixed by updating the Bios firmware of the server to Version: 2011.01.25 (B). 
Resolved an issue where the system will occassionally hang early in POST with the fans at max speed with the 12LFF hard disk backplane installed.

Get it from here: DL160 G6 Bios Firmware

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  1. Arturo says:

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem, update the BIOS and restart DL160 G6 does not pass the screen is black and ventilation to maximum, disconnect it from the power and hard drive for a while but still has the same problem, I upgrade to the latest current version of 2012.02.01 (a) (February 10, 2012). What other solutions you could recommend?, Sorry for my English.

  2. Dal says:

    Try removong the BMC. This will downgrade the firmware and if the server boots ok but doesnt with the riser installed its a fw issue, check the hp support pages for thesupport pages on the hp website for that model server or contact hp support

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