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LED stair lighting based on Arduino, Part 3

18 Dec

Here is part 3. No video this time as there is not much to show.
I’ve done some coding to add some new features but nothing major. On a hardware side I was looking how to power up 12V LED or whatever the 12V light will be used to light up the stairs as there will not be enough power to drive those 12V lamps from arduino board itself. After reading through couple forums I’ve came to conclusion that I should used ULN2803A which is Darlingon Transistor Array:
It has eight npn Darlington pairs (I need to control eight LEDs)
Output voltage upto 50V (I need 12V)
500mA Collector current (is enough for LEDs as the power of them are low but might be not enough for Halogen lights)
More information about ULN2803A

I’ve tested ULN2803A with couple 12V LEDs and it seems to work fine. Now I need to move from my ‘lab’ to the site where it will be installed and see what is needed over there and try to implement it in real environment. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that this year. 🙂

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