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Powershell command would not run

14 Mar

Here is my first Powershell problem. I’m not good in powershell as I don’t use it too often but ussually i find my way pretty quickly. Well except this time…
So here is my problem:
I have old Altiris Deployment server that I use for deploying server images. When I’m imaging 2008R2 servers I need to install server Roles and Features. Powershell here comes pretty handy as I only have to use Add-WindowsFeature command plus a list of Roles or Features that I want to add.
I created a file called powershell.ps1 that adds all the roles and features that I need plus does some configuration. I ran powershell -command powershell.ps1 on the test server to see if everything is installed and configured as expected. Everything went OK.
So next in Altiris I create a new job that copies a powershell.ps1 file and then runs it. (more…)

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