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Where is my disk space? Part 2

24 Feb

OK here we go again another server and another space issue.
Windows folder was taking 48GB which is a bit on the high side. So I was started cheking which file or folder is eating the space and found that c:\windir\winsxs\ was the one. Now there are a lot of folders in there and almos all  of them are needed. In c:\windir\winsxs\ManifestCache you should see a file or two called something xxxxxxxxxxx_blobs.bin and this one in my case was taking 23GB. The good news is that you can get rid of it and here is how:

Stop trustedinstaller service
Take ownership of the xxxxxxxxxxx_blobs.bin file
Grant yourself full right to the file
Delete the file.
Start trustedinstaller service

As soon as you start the service the file will be recreated but it will be much smaller.

Where is my disk space? Part 1

04 Feb

I had this problems before on SCCM server and it appeared again. SCCM hides somefolder from users but they are in know location. When they are in known location it is easy to unhide them. But what to do if the folder is hidden somewhere and nobody can pin point the location. This is what happened to one of the servers. The server has a partition size of ~72GB the total used space is ~28GB but when I’ve checked the folder size it was saying that all files are using only ~5GB. So where is my disk space gone? Well I suspect that some folder are hidden. So the first thing to do would be to choose option to ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and  untick ‘Hide protected oparating system file’ this have not shows the hidden folder for me.
The second option is to use good all Command Prompt and write the following command line:
attrib *. -h -s /s /d
This command remove hidden and system attributes from all the files in the partition. Once that was done a new sub folder appeared that had load of files and it was using ~23GB of disk space.

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