LED stair lighting based on Arduino, Part 4

26 Dec

Step by step I’m getting closer to setting the lights up. I’ve went to person who will beĀ  having these setup, to check the situation with cables and how to proceed further. Everything is looking OK and we did some testing. The only problem we had is that the current setup is using AC 12V voltage source and for arduino I need DC voltage. In order to get DC voltage from AC voltage I will add diode bridge to my project.
To make things easier and nicer I’ve deciced to make a shield for my arduino. I needed to add diode bridge and Darlington Transistor Array to arduino and I did not want it to be hanging just on wires.
I’ve bought a prototype board, 18 pin DIP connector, header strip and some connectors.
Here is what I’ve made, I know it is not a pretty but it’s much better than using just wires.
Here is the view from one side

Other side

Here is the view with everything connected

That’s it for now.

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