LED stair lighting based on Arduino, Part 2

02 Dec

In this part I’ve connected the second IR sensor and Light sensor.
As you can see in the video when the light sensor is covered Arduino gives my a sign that it is night time by running Leds from one end and back.
At the moment there is a delay until the lights  starts switching off if during the delay any of the IR sensors are crossed the delay starts counting from the beginning.

While testing I’ve noticed that some Leds instead of dimming just switch off. Reading through Arduino forum I’ve found that apparently Arduino can only to analogWrite() on digital pins 3, 5, 4, 9, 10 and 11. This is what I most liekely will have to live with or maybe get myself  Arduino with ATmega.

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  1. rock99rock says:

    Awesome work! Ever thought about selling a kit? If not, what are the make/models of the parts you used? Thanks!

  2. Nathan says:

    Any chance you can put up your finished code, and maybe a walkthrough?

    I haven’t used Arduino and the only code I did was some C++ as a kid. But I’m very keen to do this project for my entrance hallway.


    • Andrius says:

      I will share it later. As the project is still not finished the code is in draft state also I’m not programmer myself so the code most likely will not be optimal but as long as it work I will be happy with it. 🙂

  3. MacOrt says:

    Hi. How much it cost your project. I think to buy a controller in IPG Group Electronix shop or make myself.

    • Andrius says:

      Well prototyping is usually more expensive then the end product.
      I don’t need full Arduino to do what I want to do, I only use it because I have it. I think I could make the controller it self for 10-15 Euro. Then I would need LEDs and sensors.

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