SCCM: An error occured while starting the task sequence (0x80070032)

21 Oct

When deploying image to the machine you receive the following error:
An error occurred while starting the task sequence (0x80070032).

The task sequence start running fine. It creates the partition, formats it and fails straight away when it starts applying the image.

Looking at the smsts.log file you can see the following:

!——————————————————————————————–! TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Successfully complete the action (Partition Disk) with the exit win32 code 0 TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Sending status message . . . TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Send a task execution status message SMS_TSExecution_ActionCompleteInfo TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
MP server and port 80. SSL=false. CRL=false. TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Site code: MET TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Client machine name: MININT-3UJPOBJ TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Client Identity: GUID:c731e1a9-cd9a-4c66-b91a-dad1e37606a8 TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Advertisement ID: MET20035 TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Package ID: MET00069 TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Sending StatusMessage TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Formatted header: TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
<Msg SchemaVersion=”1.1″ ReplyCompression=”zlib”><ID/><SourceID>b922e54d-5055-43d0-81a3-1c8ab29cd6d4</SourceID><SourceHost/><TargetAddress>mp:[http]MP_StatusManager</TargetAddress><ReplyTo>direct:OSD</ReplyTo><Priority>3</Priority><Timeout>3600</Timeout><SentTime>2008-10-15T13:15:50Z</SentTime><Protocol>http</Protocol><Body Type=”ByteRange” Offset=”0″ Length=”4212″/><Hooks/><Payload Type=”inline”/><TargetHost/><TargetEndpoint>StatusReceiver</TargetEndpoint><ReplyMode>Sync</ReplyMode><CorrelationID/></Msg>
TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: URL:  CCM_POST /ccm_system/request TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
The request has succeeded. 200 OK TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Set a global environment variable _SMSTSLastActionRetCode=0 TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Set a global environment variable _SMSTSLastActionSucceeded=true TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)
Expand a string: %_SMSTSMDataPath%\Logs TSManager 15/10/2008 14:15:50 1204 (0x04B4)

As you can see from the log partitioning part finishes successfuly and there are no clear indications why it fails. The error it self is very general and cam mean anything. In my case the solution was very simple. Apearantly the OS imge architecture did not matched the Boot image architecture. In other words I had 32bit OS but the boot image was 64bit.

To check the OS image open Configuration Manager Console
1. Go to System Center Configuration Manager>Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment>Operating System Images
2. Find the image you are trying to deploy
3. Right click on it and choose Properties
4. Select Images tab

Here you can see the architecture.

Now you have to check if it the Boot image architecture matches it in Tasksequence.
1. Go to System Center Configuration Manager>Site Database>Computer Management>Operating System Deployment>Task Sequences
2. Locate the Task Sequence
3. Right click on it and choose Properties
4. Select Advanced Tab

Check if it is using the same Architecture as the image it self.

As I wrote before they did not match and this was causing the problem. After changing the Boot image architecture to match OS image architecture the problem was gone.

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