Hi, so some people say that i should write something about me, who am i and etc, so here it goes!

My name is Ignas
I’m from Lithuania and live in a town named Kedainiai
I’m born in December 1992 (so I’m 18 at the moment)
Currently attending 12th form
I have interest i LOTS of things and activities for example:

i have an aquarium (can’t find the photo…)

photography and aviation (i have a training glider license)

Hobby modeling

I have won some places in some events with these. i have 2 1st places 1 2nd plane (won in Poland, Liublin) and 1 3rd place


i had some lectures to present about astronomy and history (photo of my topic “We and the Earth”

i like to make something to eat 😀 the “ECO” way

and i just like to remake (or make) or to upgrade things 😀

first try of painting with an airbrush


so I think this should be enough 🙂

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