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PostHeaderIcon Christmas pudding

christmas pudding

Chocolate biscuit cake.

PostHeaderIcon Christmas cake

This cake is for Lithuanian community group (Jaunuolynas Navan) Christmas event .


Honey sponge with fresh whipped cream. Ready to roll icing and meringue decorations.

PostHeaderIcon Our Christmas Snowman cake


¬†”Red Velvet Cake”. Red chocolate sponge with mascarpone, cream cheese and fresh whipped cream filing.

PostHeaderIcon Christmas cake for ”Jaunuolynas” group

christmas cake
 White sponge with yogurt+peaches+ fresh whipped cream. Sugar paste and fresh whipped cream decorations.

PostHeaderIcon Lemon mousse and lemon curd cake

easter cake


White sponge with lemon mousse and lemon curd. White chocolate ganache and lemon curd decoration. Chocolate eggs.


lemon cake

PostHeaderIcon New Year’s cake

New Year's cake

White sponge with very light mascarpone cheese filling and mandarines. Ready to roll icing and fresh whipped cream decorations.


PostHeaderIcon Christmas cake

Christmas cake

”Rafaello Dream”. White sponge with wipped fresh cream + butter+condensed milk+ coconut. Ready to roll icing and fresh whipped cream decorations.

PostHeaderIcon Chocolate caramel cake

christmas cake

Chocolate sponge with mascarpone cheese, caramel and roasted walnuts filling. Fresh whipped cream, ready to roll icing decorations.



PostHeaderIcon Kid’s Halloween cake

Halloween cake

White sponge and peache yoghurt jelly cake with ready to roll icing, mousse and sweets decorations.

PostHeaderIcon Happy Easter everyone!!!

Easter cake

Yogurt/cream jelly cake with sponge and strawberries